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From the term itself, it becomes clear that the cause of prednisolone pills is prolonged hypoglycemia. Consider the main causes of hypoglycemia. In addition to insulin-dependent diabetes, there are other forms in which insulin is produced less than necessary, which leads to typical symptoms for diabetes, but less pronounced or manifested only after eating a carbohydrate meal. For this type of diabetes, treatment usually consists of taking insulin secretagogues and a special diet. Hypoglycemic drugs, for example, Glibenclamide, have a number of side effects, and in case of an overdose, they can provoke a state of hypoglycemic coma.

When using insulin therapy, doctors give the greatest preference to prescribing either ultrashort-acting insulin.wiya, or prolonged. Replacement therapy with ultrashort-acting insulin is based on the introduction directly when the body's need is greatest - before meals (since the action occurs after a while) and at night. It is precisely because of this feature of therapy that there is a rather high probability of provoking hypoglycemic coma, for example, if there was no food intake after the administration of insulin before meals.

When using the traditional regimen of insulin therapy (a third of ultrashort-acting insulin, the rest is long-acting), the most important condition for a person is the strictest adherence to a diet. Diet is necessary in order to avoid the development of hyper- and hypoglycemia, as well as hypoglycemic coma. Meals are fractional, five to order omnacortil online times a day, in compliance with all criteria. nutritional value-need, comparison of the number of grain units to the amount of insulin administered.


This leads to faster absorption and a stronger effect of insulin, which will inevitably lead to a state of hypoglycemia and subsequently cause a hypoglycemic coma.


For some reason, there may be a critical discrepancy between the insulin administered by a person (the hormone responsible for processing glucose) and the carbohydrate food consumed.


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Due to the fact that a sufficient amount of insulin circulates in the body, and glucose in the blood is not added, a state of prednisolone develops that can provoke a condition such as hypoglycemic coma. A person absorbed in his daily worries may not notice the gradually increasing symptoms of hypoglycemia in time.

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In addition, even if the diet is observed, the patient may erroneously or intentionally inject insulin not according to the rules (not under the skin, but intramuscularly).

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Another option for violating the regimen and rules for administering insulin is the use of alcoholic beverages the day before. It has long been established that alcohol interferes with the normal metabolism of carbohydrates (including glucose).

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An unplanned physical activity without correction of the diet and administration of insulin can lead to a state of hypoglycemic coma. In other words, after the introduction of the hormone, a sharp physical load followed, for which there was simply not enough available amount of energy (which is mostly taken during the processing of glucose).

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There are non-standard situations when a person who has free access to insulin suddenly wants to commit suicide through an overdose of medicines.


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Such people can be saved if they first applied for psychological help or spoke about such a desire to close people the day before. For several decades, hypoglycemic coma has been used as a therapeutic shock method of treatment in psychiatric practice.


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